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 Gold diggers

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Hong Kong Phooey
Hong Kong Phooey

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PostSubject: Gold diggers   Gold diggers Icon_minitime17/3/2008, 5:58 pm

There are 2 men who work as gold miners in a large mine in northern
Canada, after years of working together they become best mates. One day
while working there is a large mine collapse and one of the miners gets
his leg trapped under the cave in. After several hours they're rescued.
Unfortunately the trapped miner had to have his leg amputated.......

So after a few months recovering the two mates are sitting having a
beer, as you can imagine the amputee is quite distraught. After a few
he turns to his mate with tears in his eyes and says.

"I'm done for mate, my life's over. Who in the hell needs a one legged gold digger"

After a moments thinking his mate turns to him and says

"Well you could always marry Paul McCartney"
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PostSubject: Re: Gold diggers   Gold diggers Icon_minitime25/3/2008, 4:03 am

I hear that Heather Mills is buying a plane with her payout from Macca.

She'll continue to use Immac on the other leg.
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Gold diggers
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